~ We will provide you Cashback in form of Gift cards.

~  Min. cashback amount will be equal to your Shipping charge , example , for 1 t-shirt  purchase , shipping charge i will be paying of Rs 60 , so in this case  min. gift card will be of Rs 60.

~For every order you place on https://www.gazelles.in/  , payment done  online , You will get a Gift Card.

~Max. cashback amount will be equal to the item purchased , example 1 t-shirt of Rs 499 is purchased + shipping of Rs 60 , so in this case max. gift card will be Rs 499.

~Gift card will get Expired in 6 months from the date of purchase.

~Gift card provided by Gazelles.in can only we used at Gazelles.in only , card will not work on other portals.

~Gift card will we sent 7 days after delivery to make sure that your purchase is confirmed.